Tarpon Ride, 03/29/24, #13

Tarpon Ride, 03/29/24, #13

As a kid they use to have rides that you paid a quarter for in front of grocery stores. They were normally a horse ride, but they had all sorts of different characters. Even though it was cheesy, and not exciting- as a young kid I was always super excited to ride the ride. As I am sure, many of you remember.

That type of excitement for a cheap thrill from child hood hasn't gone away. The thrills are more like expensive thrills now. Today's illustration is inspired by the idea that not much has changed. Chasing tarpon is still exciting and to go with a guide you normally have to pay a lot of money. It's much like putting another quarter into the grocery store ride, except now its more like $1,000 a pop. Even though that's the case, many of us are addicted to chasing tarpon and will travel to Florida and hire a guide to take us. 

When I say $1,000, that is about 1 day's worth of tarpon fishing- maybe. $700-$800 for a full day of guiding, some tip money, $200 for a hotel, then some food money. Most guides will only take you if you book 3 or more days with them, to increase the odds. It all can add up quick and can vary greatly. I didn't account for travel expenses, varying hotel prices, normally you would go out to nice restaurants while you were on vacation. Easily $4,000+ a tarpon trip.

The thrill is still there, and people will pay a lot for that feeling.


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