Simple Sheepshead, 04/08/24, #18

Simple Sheepshead, 04/08/24, #18

Fishing for sheepshead can be challenging, but a lot of fun. Their mouth has human-like teeth so it's difficult to set the hook on them. I have fished for them with fiddler crabs at the jetties, docks and piers with spinning tackle. However, since my audience is mostly inshore fly fishermen, we see them in the grass during a flood tide pretty commonly. 

We will be polling around looking for redfish and then you come across one or two sheepshead. They are very tempting to cast a fly at, and most people do, however you are playing a game of low return. They seem to be somewhat inquisitive, however, finicky to entice into eating your fly. It happens a lot, but it has never happened anytime that I have been on a skiff. 

They are an awesome fish. They are frustrating more than anything, but cool to see. I hear they taste like crab meat to some degree. 

So I drew one up this morning. I am keeping my simple fish series going. I may just do a bunch of different species and have a nice series for prints, shirts, license plates, and whatever else people want fish art on.

You can check out this current series and its products here

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