Simple Sea Trout, 04/03/24, #16

Simple Sea Trout, 04/03/24, #16

I had a difficult time coming up with something funny and creative. As I was scrolling Pinterest (which is where I get a lot of inspiration from) I ran across a simple illustration with exaggerated colors. Immediately I thought of a sea trout in a simple style with bold but nice colors. Sea trout are beautiful when they are in certain light and they reflect greens and blues. 

I guess simple and colorful is a great way to explain sea trout fishing as well. They seem to be veracious predators and are (some years) abundant. Normally when I target sea trout I find a dock or a grass line that has some current, and can normally catch them on a trout trick or a popping cork. Out flowing creeks are great too, and will catch all sorts of saltwater species when it all lines up. 

Anyways, that was a brief description and inspiration behind this illustration.

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