Simple Saltwater Fish Art, 04/05/24, #17

Simple Saltwater Fish Art, 04/05/24, #17

As an artist, I am always trying to come up with new ideas and designs. My creativity is really what I do for a living. I created this saltwater fish series because it has a certain vibe to them. They make me happy, they remind me of my fishing trips. I look at the sea trout and I remember all the times I fished for them in Charleston, SC up to Georgetown, SC. I look at the redfish and I have flashbacks to my first 32" tailing redfish in the grass during a flood tide. I see the flounder and think about all the times I accidentally caught them, and how good they tasted. I see the snook and I remember chasing them in the Everglades and also in Florida Bay island hopping. I see the tarpon and I have flashbacks to a tarpon missing my fly in that clear teal water not too far from Key West.

I guess this simple series brings back a lot of good memories. I guess that's what fish art does.

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