Simple Days, 03/25/24, #9

Simple Days, 03/25/24, #9

Day 9 of my illustration series where I try to illustrate something new and creative every morning, Monday through Friday. I do this to keep my creativity sharp and also to add new designs for products on my website. Above all though, I truly hope that these illustrations bring a little joy to people who see them. 

My routine the past 2.5 weeks has been to start working on these starting at 5:30am most days. This is the time that I am the most creative and probably productive. I drink my two cups of coffee while I get these done. 

This morning's illustration is a recreation of a hand drawing that I did 5-7 years ago (I've lost track). At the time I was doing a series where I traced a circle with a quarter, and very tiny would sketch simple things inside of that circle. 

I wanted to see what the digital art version of that sketch would look like, and there we have it.


Inspired by the slack tide breaks, sometimes you even close your eyes for 15 minutes for a cat nap in the sun. You don't hear any traffic, you mainly hear the water and the wind. The sun is warm, and you think in the moment- this is amazing.
Cheers to more days out on the water as the summer gets closer.
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