Pub Sub Skiff, 04/29/24, #29

Pub Sub Skiff, 04/29/24, #29

This was the first time that I have opened up ideas to the public through a post. I asked anyone who saw the post to comment their ideas, the crazier the better. The intention behind this was to get the viewers involved and to create a reel of the comment, then the result of bringing y'alls idea to life. 

The pub sub skiff was commented by @_matt.kennedy_ on instagram and it had 19 likes and several comments reaffirming this idea.

I thought about this and decided that this design was a great representation of the fly fishing culture. Especially since I have eaten Publix subs or Publix fried chicken on a skiff so many times, I figured others had to relate as well.

So here it is. You can shop the products where this design lives now by clicking here

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