Pole This Flat with Me, 04/12/24, #21

Pole This Flat with Me, 04/12/24, #21

This is another zoom in illustration which you can watch here on Instagram.

The inspiration behind this illustration is all the wildlife that you see while you are poling a flood tide. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of animals, but definitely a solid set that you would see.

I drew mullet saying "ahh!" and "weee!" which is always enticing and lures you on to a flood tide.

I drew a sheepshead in the grass that basically says don't even waste your time with me.

I drew a blue crab with its claws up defending its turf and implying he was wanting to fight 50 yards before you got there.

Finally, there is a racoon at the end, on the island that insults your britches and your fishing. 

Just a classic flood tide experience.

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