Marsh Hen Laughing, 03/27/24, #11

Marsh Hen Laughing, 03/27/24, #11

This illustration is one of my favorites I have done. It makes the marsh feel whimsical, which it sort of is. The marsh is alive with many creatures, all doing their thing. 

This illustration is inspired by the moments of fly fishing for redfish in the marsh, normally a flood tide or creek fishing. You see the fish, you make a cast and something messes up. You hit the fish on the head, you get your line wrapped up, you spook the fish somehow. Then all of a sudden, seemingly at the perfect time- a marsh hen cackles near by. The timing and the cackle almost feels like it was watching and couldn't control it's laughter. 

So many times I have been fishing and someone on the boat says "the marsh hens are laughing at us." I figured I would illustrate what it probably looks like. 

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