Horned Lizard Don't Tread on Me Design, 03/13/24, #1

Horned Lizard Don't Tread on Me Design, 03/13/24, #1

Where did this idea even come from?

I have always been interested in animals, especially animals that people don't know about. What makes the horned lizard so interesting is that they shoot blood out of their eyes. Although they are native to Texas, there is a small population in Charleston, SC, specifically Sullivan's Island. Back when Sullivan's Island was a military base, some families brought these lizards as pets. Next thing we know, there is a thriving population of Horned Lizards in the sand dunes, even 70 years later they are thriving. 

I had always heard of these lizards being out there on Sullivan's Island but had never seen one. Until one day, my wife and I were walking to the beach from Home Team BBQ and low and behold, on the main path- I finally saw one. People were walking by and could not have cared less. I'm sure they thought it was a toad. The lizard blended in so well to the sand that I am certain it could get stepped on. 

This exact moment is where the idea of this version of the Don't Tread on Me glad was hatched. I just thought it was a cool story, and would make an extra cool version especially since the horned lizard's main defense is squirting blood out of its eyes. 

The next time you are in Charleston, SC, go to Sullivan's Island and look for some of these creatures. Stay on the main paths though. 

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