High and Dry Vibes, 03/21/24, #7

High and Dry Vibes, 03/21/24, #7

I'm a day late on getting this published, but that's okay- yesterday was my birthday. I still managed to keep the illustrating a new idea streak alive, but didn't write about it and create products yesterday like I normally do.

Since I was short on time to go do birthday things, I simplified the sketch a lot. I always have a belief that the concept should be better than the art. If you don't have a concept that do a great piece of artwork- it's boring. If you have a great concept and the art serves the purpose of communicating that concept then I believe it is good. Some fine art people would probably say it doesn't matter what the art looks like as long as it makes people look and talk about it. This is a whole rabbit hole of perspectives and opinions, so I'll stop there. 

This illustration really focuses on reminding people to focus on the good, even in bad situations. My intention was to brighten people's day when they saw this. If my art can inspire people to go out in nature, and make them feel good when they look at my art then that is a success.

I am doing a new thing where I use one illustration and come up with several ideas and phrases and positive perspectives around it. Below are the versions of this.


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