Test test- Getting ready for a hiatus from social media experiment

Hello all,

This post is more of a test and a place holder to send people to who would like to follow along this journey of taking about 6 weeks off from social media. 

Part of being able to take this amount of time off is automating my social media posts. So today and tomorrow I will be doing that. A lot of planning, and creating, and reusing content, and setting up automated messages and updating profiles and links. 

Automating these types of things during this holiday season helps maintain an income for myself, since I will be fulfilling online orders daily. 

What I plan to get out of the hiatus is to rediscover my artwork without the influences of social media. I want to use this time to explore my original artwork and to work more offline and off of screens. 

I hope to write about this daily which will include covering topics about why I am taking the break, the addictiveness of social media, how instagram influences influencers, how social media tracks you and gets you to spend more money, and so on. I'll also show what I am working on with my original art experiments, and so much more.


So let's get it started!



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