Everything You Need to Know About Jaybo Art Custom Boat Line Drawings

Everything You Need to Know About Jaybo Art Custom Boat Line Drawings

I created this post to make it easier for anyone who is interested in commissioning me to do a boat line drawing. I answer the most common questions, give pricing, some helpful tips and show photo examples at the bottom of this page.

How much does it cost? 

Minimum is $200 and rarely exceeds $600 for the vector artwork. Average cost is around $350 (something like a basic T-Top for complexity).

The complexity of the boat drives up the price. From experience of doing hundreds of boats, I have a good feel for the amount of time it will take to do each boat when I see a photo of one.

Why is it "so much"?

I am a professional full time artist who has been doing art in the saltwater fishing world for 10 years now. When you hire me to do a custom boat line drawing you are talking directly to the artist, who is based in South Carolina. I pride myself in doing my best on every boat that I do. So you are hiring a personal graphic designer who knows boats and fishing. 

I also understand that this is a meaningful commission and I treat each one as if I was hiring myself to do it.

Not only are you getting my time and expertise, but also the copy right to use the artwork that I create on as much personal merch as you desire. Plus, with each commission I do include a complimentary 8.5"x11" art print mailed to you. 

Other companies who are a lot cheaper hire foreign designers who charge a couple dollars per hour and don't have any involvement in boating or fishing themselves. The product is not as good. It is the dollar store version.

What is included? 

A file package:

  • Ai. file (adobe illustrator file) This is the file that you must have to do most custom merch done with. 
  • JPEG file. This is a high resolution file that you can see and use like a photo and it has a white background.
  • PNG file. This is a high resolution file that has a clear background. It has a lot of good uses like quick mockups, use on websites, etc.
  • 8.5"x11" art print is mailed to you.

What other custom merch do I offer or can refer me to?

  • Custom printed sun performance sun shirts including long sleeve and hoody sun shirts. Only lighter colors- no dark colors.
  • Custom license plates.
  • Paper art prints up 13"x19"
  • Custom canvas art, framed or unframed up to 24"x36"
  • I can refer you to people I trust for decals, hats, foam patch stickers, and more.

I will let you know when you email me that I offer these items, and we can get the details together for your additional item order in emails.

Can I commission one of these for my clothing business?

Unfortunately, I do not want my designs out there for any clothing businesses or for commercial use like this. (Fishing guides and fishing teams are okay).

Who are these for?

  • The family that cherishes memories on their boats.
  • Personal use on merch because they love their boat.
  • Fishing teams.
  • Fishing guides.

Why don't you do logos and what's the difference?

I don't do anything too customized or out of someone else's abstract ideas.

Logos and transom logos are extremely time consuming and difficult for me. I can refer you to another artist if you wanted a custom logo.

People may use these boat line drawings as their logo if they're a fishing guide or a fishing team, however I don't create completely custom transom logos.

For the boat name and port city under the boat drawing, I will use existing non custom fonts, or if you brought I photo of the exact look you'd like of a transom logo then I may be able to do it for an extra fee. Most people bring their transom logos to me to add on to the graphic. 

Tips on what I'm looking for with photos of your boat:

  • High resolution of the exact angle of the boat that you would like to have done. iPhone photos work great but make sure the boat isn't too far off in the distance.
  • Boat on the trailer pics work great.
  • Nothing covered up or people blocking what the seats and other items look like on the boat.
  • If you are blocking something, or something wasn't out and used like it usually is then additional photos will help a lot of those areas missed.
  • If you are particular about details on a certain part of the boat- closer up pics and explanation will help greatly.
  • If you would like to add dogs to the commission, I require them to be on the boat for the photo. This helps with the awkward angles that are hard to replicate with on land photos of dogs. They are also an additional fee of $75/ dog.

Can you add me and/or my dogs into the design?

Yes to dogs, no to humans (too hard and complicated for me).

If you'd like to have your dogs drawn onto the boat it is an additional $75 per dog. (I have to draw each one similar to how I do the boat)

I require them to be photographed on the boat from a similar angle that you would like your boat to be drawn. Additional photos up closer to your dog helps with some details too. 

If you just send a photo of your dog on the ground I won't be able to do it because it's difficult for me to get the exact angle of it on the boat. 

What are the steps to get you to do my boat?

  1. Email me (Jayboart@gmail.com) a photo of your boat for a quote. Also, let me know the boat name and the port city as well as the desired look for the font. Keep in mind the average is $350 and bigger boats or more complicated boats are more.
  2. If you accept the quote, then I would need a photo of the exact angle that you would like to have done. The higher the quality of the photo- the better I can create the artwork because I can see more detail. No screenshots or any photos that are slightly blurry when you zoom in. All photos must be emailed as an attachment (not in the body of the email) because this preserves the high resolution.
  3. You pay the 50% deposit that is required to start, which is a Quickbooks invoice emailed to you.
  4. I start working on your artwork. Turn around changes based on volume of current work load. I will stop accepting commissions temporarily if turn around times exceed 5 weeks. Right now the turn around time is about 1 week. 
  5. I send you proofs to make final adjustments.
  6. Once you're happy with it, I send the final invoice for the final 50%.
  7. Once that's paid, I email the files to you and mail out the complimentary art print to you. Plus anything else custom that you ordered from me. 

Can I see more pics of your

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