Be Outside and Be Thankful

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Lately, I've experienced having to put in a lot of time into commissions. Having to actually sit down at a desk and sketch subjects out hours at a time during the week. I've found that if I don't get outside and into the woods or onto the water then I didn't have a sufficient enough break. Without a sufficient break from the desk my creativity and the extra excitement for new projects is low. 

Simply put, I literally have to get out at least once a week. During deer season I've been able to escape to a small town an hour away and just sit in the woods. Haven't seen many deer at the stand I hunt this season, but it certainly has helped re-energized me each week. Before that, I was fortunate enough to spend weekends on Winyah Bay fishing with live bait. It also really helped me re-energize. (And that cold beer on that 20 minute ride in with the sun going down is unbeatable)

You may already know that, but that's okay I'm just reminding you. However, what I really want people to remember is to stay grateful. If you stay appreciative/grateful/thankful for all that you have and for the time you get to spend outdoors then that's the ultimate re-energizer.

Being thankful really does put life and everything a little more into perspective, and for the better in most cases. Such an easy thing to do.... go outside and be thankful. It's an incredible way to perceive the world around you and it's awesome. 




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