Angler Series: Bam "Double" Hall

After a long break from the angler series, I am happy to introduce one of my good fishing buddies, Bill who goes by Bam.

He was a random dude from Michigan on my Instagram that was messaging me about fishy stuff, then we ended up fishing together when he moved to South Carolina. Then I learned that he's just a great guy that would do anything in the world for his friends and family. We've had a ton of fun fishing the mountains for trout, Columbia, SC for stripers and small mouth, and Charleston for redfish. We're always scheming our next fishing trip and there's no boundaries to where we would be willing to fish, so this dude is awesome and one of my better buddies for sure. Hope you enjoy his questionnaire.

Who are you? William Butler Hall III of Argentine Twp, MI currently blessed to call the Upstate of South Carolina my home.

What do you do? Vice President of a trucking and logistics company out of Flint, MI...YES...I drank the water...YES the people of Flint got screwed...YES I carry.

How do you do what you do? Listen hard and carry a big stick

What do you think you’ll be doing in 5 years? Gentleman farmer and part time fishing guide.

Preferred type of fishing... big flies, shallow water and big cast

Who are you? Son of the King, husband, father, business leader and always on time for fishing

Biggest fish caught? 30 plus king salmon

Best part of your day? When my wife wakes me up and tells me she missed while she slept

Worst part of your day? Leaving my dog behind

Bourbon, beer, or wine? Bourbon

Rage out on the town or quietly sip drinks at home? Backyard bombfire at home with drinks

Mountains or beach? Beach

Your dream fish to catch? GT while wet wading...has to be freaky good

Favorite restaurant? Roast at the Book Cadillac Hotel Detroit

Your biggest pet peeve about another fisherman? Fishing for others praise, lame

Last song that you listened to? The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Favorite band of all time? Dispatch

Other hobbies? Watching fishing

What is something no one knows about you? Attended college to play football and obtain a fine arts degree.

Best memory fishing? Watching my brother pick apart his new home waters of Colorado. Jelous and impressed.

Worst memory fishing? Laying on my face along the Chattooga River waiting for the mountain rescue while Kevin Poole sat over me for hours. Only after two days of slow fishing and back country camping.

Funniest fishing story you have? A 30 minute bent to cork battle with we thought was a tiger musky, boats surrounded us and had a great laugh when we boated a tail hooked common carp.

#1 person you’d like to meet? Jose. Reason I fish man. Guy was the salt.

Cheers! Next time we'll meet a dude who says fishing and hunting kept him out of trouble (for real though).

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